All Natural Filler?

Bio Filler aka “EzGel” is the hottest new aesthetic treatment on the market right now. It is derived from your own blood making it 100% au naturel.

You might be wondering, how can we make filler using your own blood? First we draw a few vials of blood, then stick it in a machine that spins it really fast- a centrifuge. This allows the plasma to seperate from your red blood cells. Plasma contains growth factors that can induce collagen production and allow your body to heal quickly. The plasma is then heated and cooled to create a thick gel consistency that is injected into any problem areas with lost volume, like you would a normal dermal filler.

The benefits of Bio Filler are biostimulation with stem cells and growth factors which induce collagen and elastin production, less costly than regular filler, and zero chance of an allergic reaction (since it comes from your own body).

The first results are visible immediately after the treatment and effects of the neocollagenesis production can be seen after 6 weeks. After 3-6 months the plasma gel is naturally and completely absorbed and you are left with the amazing benefits.

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