Meet Your Provider!

My name is Loren Love, I’m 23 years old and have been building this business since 2018. When I opened this aesthetic studio, I aimed to provide a high-end, modern, and inclusive space where anyone could treat themselves and experience the finest aesthetic treatments in San Antonio. I’ve made it my mission to provide a comfortable space where I can integrate regenerative medicine with facial rejuvenation and offer individualized treatments in a relaxed and leisurely manner. My transparency, years of experience, aesthetic eye, technical skills, artistry, and extensive knowledge in my field has set me apart from other aesthetic practitioners.

My father Dr. P Schanen, a family nurse practitioner, is my biggest supporter and mentor. By watching him help his patients, I became inspired to start my own business and embark on my journey to becoming a nurse. I have always been interested in business, healthcare, art, and beauty, so I decided to combine all of these elements and opened Luxe Skin Clinic. Coming from a family of healthcare professionals and business owners, I knew this is what I was destined for at a young age. My goal as an aesthetic provider has always been to help my clients achieve their unique goals while providing natural-looking results. Aesthetic treatments such as dermal filler, neurotoxins, PRF treatments, mesotherapy, microneedling, PDO threads, and chemical peels are my specialty. 

I’m an Aries and it definitely shows in my personality. I’m also a cat lady with 5 cats at the moment and hope to foster and adopt more in the future. I’ve always dreamed about starting a non-profit centered around helping stray cats and hope to make that happen soon. I was born in the Valley but raised in San Antonio so I’ve spent most of my child and young adulthood in and around a small town called Helotes. My favorite hobbies include reading and taking time to learn new skills. Education is everything to me!

I pride myself for being a precise and skilled injector and always strive for perfection in my clinic as I’m very results driven. My passion for aesthetics and injecting grows everyday and I’m so excited to see where this industry takes me. 

I hope to see some of y’all’s new faces in my chair soon! Learn more about Luxe Skin Clinic.